2018 Scholarship Winner Announced

The 2018 Bitterroot Quilters Guild $1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Stevensville graduate Tanya Reyna-Vasquez, who will attend the University of Nevada. Funds are sent directly to the college in the student’s name for tuition, board, books, etc.

The Bitterroot Quilters Guild offers a $1,000 scholarship annually to a qualifying senior from a Bitterroot Valley High School. The selected high school rotates each year, with the award presented to a student from Darby, Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, Florence or Hamilton in that order.  This year the scholarship is being offered to Florence High School.

High School Counselors at the selected high school are contacted around January 1 of each year to encourage students to apply by the April 15th deadline. For more information, the Scholarship Chairperson is Saundra Amsden who can be reached at

Click her for the specific requirements for applying for the Bitterroot Quilters Guild scholarship.