2018 Scholarship Winner Announced

The 2018 Bitterroot Quilters Guild $1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Stevensville graduate Tanya Reyna-Vasquez, who will attend the University of Nevada. Funds are sent directly to the college in the student’s name for tuition, board, books, etc.

The Bitterroot Quilters Guild offers a $1,000 scholarship annually to a qualifying senior from a Bitterroot Valley High School. The selected high school rotates each year, with the award presented to a student from Darby, Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, Florence or Hamilton in that order.

High School Counselors at the selected high school are contacted around January 1 of each year to encourage students to apply by the April 15th deadline. For more information, the Scholarship Chairperson is Kathy Thomas, who can be reached at