Montana Cares

Montana Care was born in September of 2005 out of an effort to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.  The group completed over 260 quilts for this cause. The focus of the group has now broadened to help crisis and disaster victims of crisis in the local Community as well as on the national level.  The group is intended to supplement the Quilts for Kids and Comforters groups by providing bed-size quilts to adults needing to reestablish households.  In the Bitterroot, Montana Cares has provided quilts to SAFE, Youth Homes and local people in need.

California Fire Victims 2007.  Montana Cares sent 20 quilts to the fire victims in the small town of Jamul, California.  Bettie Hammond contacted her sister, Mary Moreau, to see if Montana Cares could help. Mary in turn contacted her friend, Verna Poorbaugh, who lives in Jamul. Mary and Verna arranged a gathering at the Twisted Scissors Beauty Shop in Jamul, to come and receive a quilt.  The fire victims whose homes were destroyed were personally invited to the gathering by the shop owner.  It was a very joyous and appreciated occasion as indicated by thank you cards and phone calls.  Montana Cares is, as always, happy to do what they can to help people in need.

They meet the 1st and 3rd Friday, 10 am, at Westview Center.  A great group for enjoying the companionship of other quilters while you sew charity quilts!

For more information, contact Bettie Hammond at 363-4134.

Bonny Scotland