Article I NAME

The name of this organization herein after referred to as the Guild, shall be Bitterroot Quilters’ Guild


Enhance community knowledge of all forms of quilt making, patterns, and the history of quilt making by providing general and educational meetings, fun and fellowship


Membership in the Guild is open to any person regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin, who subscribes to the PURPOSE of the Guild. See Standing Rules #3 and 4.


Guild general meeting date, time, ad location will be set and announced by the Board. For general meetings thirty percent (30%) of the membership of the Guild shall constitute a quorum. See Standing Rule 1. Special meetings may be called by the President or other members of the Board as needed to conduct Guild business

Article V DUES

Guild dues will be due and payable annually. Dues collected for the new year (in advance) shall not be used to cover current year expenses. Dues will not be prorated. See Standing Rule 2


The officers of the Guild shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Program Chair. This is the order of succession. Officers shall

Be elected to serve a term of one year. No person may serve in one office for

More than two consecutive terms. Any officer filling a vacancy of six months or less shall not be considered to have served a term.


The Board shall be comprised of the Officers of the Guild and Committee Chairs. Board meetings are open to all Guild members. See Standing Rule 5 and 7


Nominating committee’s duties is to bring to the Membership a slate of nominees to be elected as officers for the coming tern. Consent of the nominees shall be obtained prior to nomination


The Nominating Committee shall present their slate of officers for election. If there are no other names nominated from the floor for any of the officers, the Committee’s slate shall be voted upon as a voice vote. If there is more than one name for any office, that office shall be elected by written ballot. Installation of new offices shall be held at the June meeting. If any of the officers is unable to attend the June meeting those previously-elected officers shall be installed by the Board of Directors at a special board of directors meeting.


Amendments to the bylaws shall be made by a two-thirds vote of members at a regular meeting, if prior notification has been given to the general membership. These bylaws shall be reviewed at least every three years and revised as necessary. Amendment to or revision of the bylaws shall become

effective upon approval by the Guild membership


In the event the Bitterroot Quilters’ Guild is dissolved. The assets will be divided up accordingly*

*Twenty-five percent of the monetary assets will go to the Ravalli County Fair to be used for special awards in the amount of $10.00 each to the Class Champion of the hand quilted, machine quilted, other quilted or promise stitching classes. A special account will be set up and be used to fund the awards until it is gone.

*Fifty percent of the monetary assets will go to the Ravalli County 4-H Council to be used for quilting and sewing events or awards

*Twenty-five percent of the monetary assets will go to the Bitterroot Public Library to be used for the purchase of new quilting/fiber arts books. The Guilds library books and PA system will also be donated to the Bitterroot Public Library.

*The chairs will be donated to the Corvallis Grange

*The quilt frames and accessories will become the sole ownership of the Sapphire Quilting Club


1. General Meetings shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of the Month, except for the months of July, August, November and December. Meetings will start at 6:30 PM, location to be announced. For all other meetings, advanced notification should be given to Members by e-mail, phone or mail.

2. Annual dues $20, if paid on or before July 30th; after July 31, dues are $25, new members $20. Fiscal year is August 1-July 31st.

3. Guild Members shall be able to attend all meetings free of charge; shall receive minutes from all the meeting, newsletters, and membership roster with the understanding that this roster may not be used for commercial purposes. Guild meeting minutes will be available to the general public as part of the Guild’s Library

4. Guild members are able to advertise quilting related items/classes/trips/events in the Guild Newsletter at no charge. Ads should be short and to the point using minimum number of words-Newsletter Coordinator may edit ads due to length. Links to websites may be included. A legible “ad copy” should be received by the Newsletter Coordinator by the 15th of the month in which the ad is to appear, either by e-mail or U.S. mail.

5. Following the election, the Officers shall determine a biannual budget for 2 years and submit it to the membership for approval no later than the first general meeting of the year. The Board, on approval of the General Membership, shall manage the property and affairs of the Guild

6. Biennial Quilt show profits will help defray the cost of the Guild operations and help support the monthly educational programs

7. The Board shall appoint an audit committee in March to review the current financial condition of the Guild and report their findings to the General Membership in April

8. Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President prior to the first meeting of the year and these appointments shall be made only as deemed necessary for efficient operation of the Guild, i.e. Embellishments, Show and Tell Beads, Block of the Month, Refreshments, Historian, Holiday Party, Spring Luncheon, Quilt Show Chair and Newsletter/membership Coordinator

9. Name tag kits shall be provided by the Guild to new members at no charge. All are encouraged to make and wear name tags

10. Bitterroot Quilters’ Guild and Sapphire Quilt Club share dual ownership of quilt racks and related items. See attachment for ownership responsibility and use instructions, location and contact individuals. All changes must be agreed upon by both organizations.

11. Standing Rules may be amended by a majority vote of the board members in attendance at any regular board meeting of the guild

12. Possession and distribution of keys to the storage unit-The following officers/committee chairs will each have a key to the storage unit for the durations of their service in that office/chairmanship: President of the Bitterroot Quilters’ Guild, President of the Sapphire Quilt Club, Properties Chair, Program Chair and Liaison with the Sapphire Quilt Club. The Properties chair will also keep and distribute one other key to the following chairs for the short duration of their responsibilities: Spring Retreat, Fall Retreat, Fair Booth and Quilt Show. Said chairs will surrender the key back to the Properties chair upon completion of his/her responsibilities.

Updated: February 9, 2007

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